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Welcome to PixelHatz™
The Home of Self-Styled Awesomeness!

Join the "un-average" movement.

Nobody wants to be average. So we've made it easy to be "un-average".

Each PixelHatz purchase brings with it infinite design possibilities so you can dress and express like the rockstar that you are.

You're not a sheep. You're an awesome, individual human. You don't believe in mindlessly following the herd. You don't wear carbon-copy clothes just because other people are wearing them.

Impress Your Friends... and Humble the Haters.

PixelHatz™ give you the chance to express your uniqueness by building your own one-of-a-kind Snapback Cap designs.

Your uber-cool designs can feature your favorite TV or cartoon characters, you can show your loyalty to your sports team - or maybe just design your own couture fashion style instead.

Building hatz is as easy as building with those toy bricks when you were a kid. And boy have we got some great design ideas for you too.

It's now time to show the world your style.

Click here to "Un-Average" yourself now.


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